OTT Robotics

OTT Testautomation

Our Electronic MultiMedia Analyst EMMA demonstrates our promise to make the OTT way for you future-proof and superior. EMMA is tangible OTT cybernetics and enables actual, automated end-to-end testing of your clients on tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and set-top boxes without science fiction.

We know the principles and limitations of classic test automation solutions (scripting, screen recording, HW manipulation), recognized their problems (validity periods, developer expenses, ...), limitations (object really displayed or "just in the markup"...?) and recurring efforts, and developed EMMA to bring IPTV and OTT E2E test automation to a professional, cost-saving evolutionary level - with eye, ear and touch sensing and the necessary artificial intelligence to perform the automated regression tests correctly even if you have again changed the color, shape, size, position or designation of the controls of your IPTV or OTT applications - 24/7, with no signs of fatigue, whether on-site or remote-controlled on our premises...

Services at a glance

  • EMMA R1 - Kinematics
  • EMMA R2 - Kinematics Performance Accelerator
  • EMMA Studio (generation, execution, analysis and reporting of automated tests)
  • Test Automation Strategy Consulting
  • Test Engineering

And this is Emma in Action

OTT Quality Assurance

As numerous as the technical interfaces of your OTT project landscape are, so extensive are the action points of the OTT quality assurance. However, efforts for quality assurance, testing and testautomation should not be an end in themselves, but must clearly be able to quantify the benefit in comparison to measurable quality metrics. Accompanied by a systematic and consistent management, the setting of the quality level with each intermediate step takes place here anew.

Services at a glance

  • OTT Test Concept Development
  • OTT Test Management
  • Testing As a Service (Standard, UX, Process Implementations, Infrastructure / Lab Testing)
  • Network and Connectivity Testing
  • Load and Performance Testing
  • Non-functional Testing (NFTs, such as source code quality)
  • IT Controlling
  • Concept Reviews
  • Development Team Control
  • Correct use of classic and agile process models
  • Testing and Ensuring Stream Quality