OTT Development

OTT App / Frontend Development

As you already know, the development of OTT applications is an extremely demanding discipline, with a complexity which is not only caused by the large number of available platforms that bring your content to the audience.

Since in many cases you do not distribute exclusive content, the user experience (UX) plays an outstanding role in the development and expansion of your audience even before the monetization models. OTT streaming of peak-live events, pay-per-view (PPV) and catch-ups make Lean-Back Experience no longer easier for spoiled audiences to understand, "Why can't I watch all existing movies on one platform?", "Why entering a PIN again is necessary?" or "Why is the film no longer avaiöable, which I got displayed yesterday?"...

We know the challenges that come from developing intuitive, innovative and attractive apps, understand the meaning and nonsense of second-screen applications and master the interaction with players, backend, headend and CDN (Content Distribution Network) in its details.

Services at a glance

  • IOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • SmartTV App Development
  • Webclient Development
  • STB Development (e.g. Roku, Luna Apps, MediaRoom)
  • Management of international development teams (onsite, offsite, nearshore and offshore)
  • DRM and Player Development

OTT Backend Development

Services at a glance

  • Backend Development
  • Picture Asset Management and Meta Asset Management Development
  • Video Content Management Systems
  • Conditional Access and Device Concurrency
  • Smart Search and Recommendation Engines
  • Content Marketing and Content Curation
  • Content Rights Control

OTT Headend and Streaming

Services at a glance

  • Content Ingest Development
  • Channel Engine Development
  • Smart Ad-Insertion
  • Encoder and Streaming Configurationsmanagement
  • 3D and 360° Streaming
  • Encoding, Transcoding and DRM Encryption
  • Playout Management

OTT Network Design

Services at a glance

  • OTT Network Architecture Development and Changes
  • Development and expansion of Operating Concepts and Network Documentations
  • Support for managing and running Data Center Migrations
  • Network Management

OTT CDN Development

Services at a glance

  • CDN Configurations
  • CDN Cloudlet Integrations
  • Managed CDN Implementations
  • Multi CDN Implementations