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Handelsblatt trade magazine "REthinking Tax" explains EMMA use in tax consultancy offices

05.02.2021 RPA-News Blog - Handelsblatt trade magazine explains EMMA for the tax consultancy office or the tax accountant in the tax function

EMMA enables low-cost automation for small and medium-sized companies. The Handelsblatt trade journal "REthinking Tax" describes in its 7-page article in the 06-2020 issue what this actually means for the use of RPA in the tax function for tax offices and tax consultancies ...

The RPA Challenge

20.10.2020 RPA-News Blog - The RPA Challenge

The technological possibilities of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are increasingly being expanded to include the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Reason enough to start an RPA Challenge to challenge the best RPA solutions ...

AI Magazine Award - WIANCO receives "Best RPA Consultancy 2020" Award

26.08.2020 RPA News Blog - WIANCO wins AI Award for Best RPA Consulting 2020

After EMMA, the WIANCO team has now also received an award for its outstanding achievements in the field of RPA consulting: The AI ​​magazine honored the achievements of WIANCO OTT Robotics GmbH with the "Best Robotic Process Automation Consultancy 2020" award. The team has won its third award this year...

RPA made in Germany - EMMA wins German Innovation Award 2020

10.07.2020 RPA-News Blog - EMMA wins German Innovation Award 2020

Germany is highly innovative when it comes to "Robotic Process Automation" (RPA) and shone with the RPA model EMMA: The employees of WIANCO OTT Robotics GmbH from the Frankfurt / Darmstadt district were extremely happy and satisfied after EMMA won the German Innovation Award 2020 in the competition class "Excellence in Business to Business" in the Electronic Technologies category ...

SAP Innovation Award 2020 - EMMA RPA Innovation from Darmstadt / Frankfurt

02.02.2020 RPA-News Blog - EMMA RPA aus Darmstadt/Frankfurt beim SAP Innovation Award 2020

IT location Darmstadt near Frankfurt am Main has already convinced several times in the past with entrepreneurship and innovations "Made in Germany", and so the RPA solution EMMA from Darmstadt / Frankfurt has now also made it to the SAP ranking as "Certified Entry" for the SAP Innovation Award 2020 ...