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Rarely problems arise in a specific area. On the other hand, we are often confronted with complex problems of a multidisciplinary nature, the effective solution of which can only be achieved by combining the expertise of different disciplines. Overcoming such challenges usually involves additional costs that, beyond the actual scope, result from the coordination and learning effort of the experts involved in an interdisciplinary context.

Taking this knowledge into account, WIANCO OTT Robotics GmbH forms the unique strength of networked thinking between specialists and management in order to preserve competencies for you, even in the most difficult situations, which overwhelm even problem-specific experts. This ensures that costs only arise for solving the actual problems and not through repeated elimination of different conflicts. In this way, WIANCO OTT Robotics GmbH offers you the key to a holistic solution concept, because our goal is your long-term satisfaction through maximum quality.


An integral part of our philosophy is the embodiment of a holistic quality assurance. On the one hand, the solution to a problem on the underlying reference system - for example a computer system - must be implemented in an appropriate language. In addition, it is necessary to implement the problem solution (e.g. OTT client, MAMS or workflow management application) with regard to the specialist knowledge of its specialist area (assurance, banking, accounting, multimedia, medicine, controlling, ...) and its languages ​​and language artifacts ( to implement the specialist knowledge and the technical terminology accordingly.

Above all, the solution system must be implemented taking into account the area of ​​application (user orientation). Based on these different requirements, it also appears necessary to differentiate the concept of quality assurance:

In its entirety, a solution for this reason is not only in the case of formal correctness (syntactic, structural), but must also be correct (material, semantic, content) and pragmatic (with regard to action). The pragmatic The technical justification of a solution is of enormous importance in our understanding. Because only if the designed solution achieves the economic goals of the customer, the effectiveness and efficiency of the technical process can not be increased with reasonable effort (tuning), and the solution also ergonomically accommodates the customer, we have implemented our claim of quality .


In order to be able to cope with such high demands on the quality of our results, it is essential to provide a healthy and communicative environment within which our employees and partners can develop both professionally and personally. The cross-team networking of our employees for intelligent, cross-departmental solution development presents us with the special task of paying the best attention to their needs and paying tribute to their willingness to perform, which they deserve. Our customers sense the mutual respect resulting from this paradigm, which creates the basis for a sustainably positive and satisfactory business relationship.