Your current challenges

The ongoing technological developments and new possibilities of global digitization, company infrastructures, applications and services present you with the recurring challenge of further optimizing the efficiency and quality of your company day by day. Hyperautomation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are by no means the zenith of your task ...

Multi, Managed or Hyper CDN, DB Sharding, because the cloud is finite, and many other topics keep your IT's attention, while business and product design deal with the next steps to maintain the youthfulness and progressiveness of your applications and Dealing with apps. Accompanied by new monetization models, innovative features for the temporary generation of necessary unique selling points, conducted by König Content and Königin User Experience ...

You already know the limits of the classic paths and are now moving over-the-top, because digitization creates ubiquity and increasingly connects your customers and employees in better, shared experiences. RPA is also our way - starting with our experience, leading to the goal through our vision, we not only draw the maps, but guide you through the RPA multiverse, while we support you in the selection and development of necessary tools and processes - your WIANCO RPA experts .

Overview of challenges

  • Complexity: You carry out tests because "the window was delivered and your door is no longer working".
  • You need to reduce the cost of manual and automated testing.
  • The tests you have to run must be end2end to cope with reality.
  • Missing documentation: what was done and how?
  • Qualified employees are missing or worse:
  • Qualified employees get sick or leave your company and take your valuable company, product and process know-how with them!
  • You have very qualified and less qualified employees. What if you could also strengthen and motivate the second group?

  • From test automation to hyperautomation

    Even if the "Time to Market" only allows shorter and shorter development times due to the criticality of success for IT products, project timelines in the IT development environment are naturally particularly short and often event-driven. Legal changes, increased efficiency of the competition and other influences on the competition as well as necessary reactions to the rapidly changing digitizing world form new technologies as well as the accelerators in your project landscape. We understand that and face the challenges proactively instead of just reactively.

    Hier sehen Sie das Bild eines Teams der Testautomatisierung

    For you: the EMMA promise

    • Easy to use test automation solution (by department employees without IT know-how)
    • inexpensive
    • for any software
    • on every device
    • end to end
    • on the unmanipulated object
    • automatically generated, revision-proof test report
    • EMMA automates and conserves your valuable company and process know-how and continues to work when qualified employees are sick, take a vacation or even leave your company ...

    How can you save costs for test automation and increase your IT quality?

    On an 8 hour day, a manual tester effectively tests a maximum of 3.5 hours - not including the writing of a meaningful test plan and the resulting test report. That's a total of 17.5 hours in a 5 day week. EMMA tests for you 24 h * 7 days = 168 h per week.

    Testautomation with EMMA:

    • Measured productivity of EMMA: ~ 10 times higher than with manual tests with fully automated audit-compliant documentation of the tests performed, which EMMA can automatically send to the development team to continuously use them in further development and integrate reporting processes
    • More than software and system testing: Certify your quality with the objectivity and consequence of a robot !

    Your audit-compliant test report - be audit-proof!

    EMMA goes far beyond the logging of the test steps carried out for you: It PROVIDES it YOU and AUDITORS and provides the necessary evidence for every test step and every decision that EMMA makes!

    3 different levels of reporting in the test report:

    • Board Member Level
    • RPA and Test Manager Level
    • Complete RPA or test step level for debugging and auditing
    • Avoid the usual communication ping pong between your testers and developers and save time and money