RPA Software Tools Comparison - From Bot to Robot

What are RPA Software Tools?

Robotic Process Automation Software comprises the complete solution of all software components that you can use to control and automate any system in your company landscape. These include, for example, EMMA RPA Studio, EMMA RPA Configuration, EMMA RPA Services and the EMMA RPA Dashboard.

The cognitive intelligence of the RPA software EMMA ensures for you that even so-called legacy software and systems can be reliably controlled and that the handling of media and system breaks in a simple manner.

Overview of RPA Software Tools Requirements:

  • Ease of use
  • Complexity reduction
  • Rapid training of your employees
  • Robustness and reliability of your automated processes
  • Availability of interfaces for automation
  • Platform and system independence
  • Easy readability of your automated processes by process experts
  • Revision-proof documentation of your automated processes
  • Availability of IT security components to comply with the latest IT security standards
  • A simple and fair software license model

How does our RPA software tool EMMA work?

The particularly advanced RPA software EMMA uses robots, often referred to as bots, to simulate the behavior of your employees that is relevant to the business process with regard to the implementation on a regular or event-related basis, more repetitively Activities, the so-called processes, which consist of individual process steps / process steps (workflows), whereby process steps themselves can trigger and start entire processes.

For this, our RPA software solution EMMA can optionally include sensors (machine vision systems, cameras, machine listening systems, microphone) and kinematics (robot arms with grippers or even hands) for operating hardware or touch devices such as smartphones, tablets, sets Use top boxes (STBs), machines or cockpits and even speak to operate and control voice-controlled software and systems - so-called Voice Controlled Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI).

The easier and more flexible the selected RPA software is to use, the faster and more versatile it can be used in your company, and the greater the economic benefit that you will get from Robotic Process Automation.

Fabrizio Biscotti - Vice President Analyst at Gartner formulated an extremely important, far-sighted and at the same time profound requirement for RPA software systems:

"The ability to INTEGRATE LEGACY SYSTEMS is the KEY DRIVER for RPA projects. By using this technology, organizations can quickly accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, while unlocking the VALUE associated with PAST TECHNOLOGY investments."

The statement by Mr. Fabrizio Biscotti is therefore very forward-looking, because it clarifies the advantage of robotic process automation software, which makes it possible to economically bring the value of past legacy system investments into automation. RPA software solutions that are unable to operate your existing Sun Solaris, Linux, Mac OS or aging ERP systems, should therefore not be your first choice. Another crucial factor that makes RPA software work for you and your (future?) Processes is the ability to integrate voice-controlled devices, software and systems into your RPA processes ...

Process example for RPA software tool use:

  • Automated login to various web portals to download digital online invoices or other documents into a directory on your computer.
  • Then create a zip file from the directory of documents / invoices.
  • Automated encryption and sending of the generated zip file to the accounting department of your company or e.g. a tax office.
  • Audit-proof reporting and evidence for the auditor / auditor for each individual process step
  • Monthly repetition of the process.
  • Further examples of the use of RPA software can be found here

How do we show you the benefits of our free RPA software demo?

  • You contact us and we make an appointment (remote or in person).
  • We will show you how automation works with our RPA software and give you a free introduction.
  • You take control of EMMA and create process automation without the need for IT development knowledge.
  • After you have easily created an automation, you get an idea of ​​the benefits that an RPA software offers you.
  • If you like the job, we will discuss ways to support you in your digitization strategy by using RPA software tools.

RPA Software Tool Presentation

Free information on the RPA software EMMA as a download: