RPA Application Examples

RPA application examples

Examples of the use of RPA are as varied and extensive as there are processes in companies in a wide variety of branches and industries. For this reason, it is important for RPA solutions to be as universal as possible and easy to use. The application scenarios and examples can - but do not have to - include the operation of physical devices and voice-controlled systems.

Application examples for RPA without the use of kinematics

The following examples refer to exemplary processes in PC automation. Further examples including optional kinematics, for example for testing medical devices, ticket machines and other devices can be found here .

RPA application example 1 - Automation of an accounting process

  • Logins to various online portals for downloading digital invoices to a desired directory on the computer
  • A password-protected zip file is then generated from the invoice directory
  • Sending this zip file to the company's accounting department or a tax office
  • Audit-proof creation of an associated report and evidence for auditors for each individual process step

RPA application example 2 - automation for clinics and doctors

  • Reading a medical report from a patient system
  • Identification of the relevant keywords from the finding
  • Open the system that contains the text modules for generating the doctor's letters
  • Open an empty Word file
  • Automatic creation of the complete doctor's letter from the determined text modules and information from the patient system
  • If desired: initiation of a print job or encrypted sending of the document to the patient and / or to a continuing doctor
  • Revision-proof creation of an associated report and evidence for the internal revision of the clinic or the doctor

RPA application example 3 - Automation for law firms

  • Open a directory that contains contract documents
  • Open the contracts and identify the type of contract using logos, keywords in headings or within the contract
  • Reading out certain contract components
  • Open a contract management system
  • Export of the selected contract components to the contract management system
  • If desired: Setting various contract metadata in the contract management system depending on the identified contract components
  • Audit-proof creation of an associated report and evidence for the internal auditing of the law firm

RPA Use Case 4 - Automatic Business Travel Bookings

  • Monitoring of an e-mail inbox for receiving travel requests
  • Open the website to determine the available connections for trains, flights or other means of transport
  • Enter the travel data read from the e-mail, for example start, destination, day, time, maximum ticket price, maximum number of changes
  • Determine available connections
  • Carrying out the booking (with or without a hotel) in compliance with defined company policies
  • Sending a confirmation email to the applicant for the trip
  • After receiving the confirmation email from the tour operator: Forwarding the email to the applicant
  • Execution of the entry of the travel booking in the ERP system of the company